• Anne Liese Natu
  • Anne Liese Natu

Anne Liese Natu

Consultant Senior Broker

Mobile: +40 733 934 404
Office: +40 268 416 522

MA Management and Business Strategies – is responsible for finding the sought-after Brasov property we are known for. Anne has a good eye for tastefully presenting and advertising property and clients often comment that she demonstrably puts the client requirements first, making our service unique & personal.  Anne studied in Brasov & Scotland for her 2 degrees and originates from Sacele, Brasov.  She enjoys photography, writing, painting, music, architecture and dancing.

What do you like about working at White Mountain? "I am always challenged, never the same day twice, meeting people whom I learn something from that few other domains can offer. It keeps me active and combines many of my hobbies, making the job unlike a job. The ultimate reward is the client's 'thank you' when I find them the right property. If I did not work at White Mountain, I would not work in this domain".