• Alex Balan

Alex Balan

Consultant Broker

Mobile: +40 727 455 141
Office: +40 314 340 732

Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism - Bucharest graduate, and OAR Bucharest member.  Based on knowledge accumulated through over 12 years of experience in work starting from interior design up to construction in all the phases of the conceiving and execution process, he efficiently contributes in imposing a high standard in the real-estate services field.

Good communication skills depicted throughout countless discussions with beneficiaries, attending public debates on various subjects of interest and experience accumulated in the design offices, consist a real advantage in detecting, evaluating and promoting the properties that show a valid interest in the real-estate market.  All of these activities take place in order to identify the client’s needs and to propose solutions based on their wishes, standards and budget.

What do you like most about White Mountain? "Within White Mountain Property, we obtain new experience, necessary for personal and professional development.  Along with improving abilities such as listening, presentation, convincing and understanding the client’s requests, all of these consist the main elements that tell us apart from other competing agencies.  Another relevant aspect is the long lasting relationship that we develop with our clients.  We make our beneficiaries/partners/clients aware of all the vices, hidden or not, that may occur during the contractual period and we actively participate in their relocation process.  This creates a tight bond between the broker and his client.  This way, our work does not end once the contract is signed, it actually continues offering support in any direction solicited by the client.

The great architect of german origin Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is the author of a saying that guides my life: ‘God is in the details’.  In our search to find the eco of this saying, in our field of work, we understand that – perfection is found in the smallest details - and we need to treat every task that our clients give us with professionalism and seriousness."